MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet built as a web browser extension (available in Chrome, Firefox and Brave)

1.1) Install for Chrome or Brave

Install for Firefox

1.2) Create a MetaMask Wallet. Setup a password and seed phrase, remember to store both safely in 2–3 different places

1.3) Setup MetaMask to connect to BSC Mainnet. Click on Ethereum Mainnet and Custom RPC. Enter as follows:

Click save and you are now connected to the BSC mainnet.

2.1) Go to pancakeswap, click “I understand”, “Continue” and “connect” your wallet (accept signing in pancakeswap with MetaMask if needed)

Direct link to buy:

Token address: 0xdeb9aca4f54abd9b82ca91b52fcccf869882b9fe

2.2) Set slippage to 6%

2.3) Swap BNB (recommended, but you can use any BSC compatible coins) and confirm default gas fees.

⚠️ Not working!? Try increasing the slippage and/or put a round number of GDOGE (see image 2.3)

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