Trust Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet application for mobile phones and tablets (available on Apple iOS and Google android)

1) Download and install the app

2) Create a new Wallet, write down you seed phrase on paper and store it in a secure location. Never reveal your seed phrase, it’s only needed to setup and recover your wallet.

3) Buy Binance Smart Chain tokens

4) Only for iOS; open safari and type trust://browser_enable, you will be prompted to open this page in Trust, click “open”

5) Open Trust Wallet browser

6) Scroll to Smart Chain, click “See All” then PancakeSwap

7) Connect Trust Wallet

8) Make sure you are on Smart Chain, click on top right and select “Smart Chain”

9) Click on “Select a currency” and copy-paste the GDOGE token address 0xdeb9aca4f54abd9b82ca91b52fcccf869882b9fe and click on GDOGE

10) Set slippage to 6%

11) Click Swap, Confirm Swap and Send

⚠️ Not working!? Try increasing the slippage and/or put a round number of GDOGE (see image 2.3)

Welcome to the GDOGE Family!

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